The David Mitchell Universe Wikia

I am 7 months into DMing a campaign based on three David Mitchell novels. The first part featured aspects of The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet, notably the monastery and Lord Abbott Enomoto as the primary villain. Definitely an adult campaign...I have been a Dungeon Master for almost 40 years and have based campaigns on non-traditional "fantasy" novels before (The Buried Giant, Foucault's Pendulum, Lincoln in the Bardo). The second part featured the Grayer Twins from Slade House, who with their lacunas and psychosometric abilities made for great villains. The third and longest part of the campaign is the Bone Clocks. In fact, the player characters are Horologists (I even used the names of the Horologists from the book for the characters) and they have had various encounters with the Anchorites. Of course the final battle will be at the Dusk Chapel of the Blind Cathar.

Not so easy to translate into a D&D campaign, but rewarding and different. The challenging part was how to utilize and incorporate Holly Sykes. I am using her as a critical NPC.

I was hoping to communicate all this to David Mitchell directly, but it is difficult to find a way to email him, though I can get on the mailing list...