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Marinus is an atemporal, a member of Horology, and one of the main characters in The Bone Clocks.

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet[]

Marinus is a doctor at the Dutch trading post of Dejima in Nagasaki. He befriends the protagonist, Jacob de Zoet, and is present for the English assault on the city (this event is also referenced in The Bone Clocks.) At various times throughout the novel, he refers to his immortality in subtle ways.

The Bone Clocks[]

Marinus appears by name in several sections of this novel, and is the primary protagonist of the fifth section, An Horologist's Labyrinth, which gives the most in-depth description of the David Mitchell universe cosmology, primarily through the eyes of Marinus himself. While being visited by Xi Lo and Holokai, Klara Marinus Koskov reveals her soul's history with glee, having never met fellow Atemporals before. The two recruit Marinus into Horology.

Slade House[]

Dr. Iris Marinus-Fenby, a metalife of Marinus originally introduced in The Bone Clocks, appears in Slade House. She confronts Norah and Jonah Grayer in the section titled Astronauts.

Utopia Avenue[]

Dr. Yu Marinus-Li, as a Columbia University Professor, saves the life and soul of the guitarist, Jasper De Zoet. He explains, briefly, Horology, souls, and general David Mitchell universe cosmology.

Known Metalives[]

In The Bone Clocks, Marinus gives a detailed personal history. Originlly born in San Marino in the year 640 AD, he was the son of a falconer. Though several of his metalives are named, only some have been fleshed out in the works of David Mitchell:

  • Dr. Lucas Marinus
  • Klara Marinus Koskov
  • Pablo Antay Marinus
  • Jamini Marinus Choudary
  • Dr. Yu Leon Marinus-Li - met with Holly Sykes prior to the events described in A Hot Spell
  • Dr. Iris Marinus Fenby
  • Harry Marinus Veracruz - appears in the final section of the Bone Clocks