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Psychosoterica is a term used to describe a set of occult practices used by Atemporals. There are two primary branches: the Deep Stream, practiced by Horologists, and the Shaded Way, practiced by self-elected Atemporals or Carnivores. Many abilities are described in the novels The Bone Clocks and Slade House. The abilities consume a kind of psychic energy known as psychovoltage, possessed by certain Engifted individuals.

Some of the abilities are as follows:

  • Telepathy or sub-speech - the ability to speak inside the mind of another person without the use of one's voice
  • Hiatus - the ability to cause someone to lose track of time for hours or days
  • Redaction - the ability to remove memories from a person's mind
  • Scansion - the ability to inspect someone's memories
  • Suasion - the ability to control someone's mind
  • Dreamseed - the ability to plant a dream in someone's mind
  • Transversion - the ability for a soul to travel outside of its host
  • Kinetic - the ability to move objects with one's mind
  • Transubstantiation - the transformation into or merger of one's soul with some physical artifact
  • Cloaking - the ability to become invisible