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Welcome to The David Mitchell Universe[]

Welcome to The David Mitchell Universe, a Wiki dedicated to the semi-fictional world created in the books of contemporary British author David Mitchell. The idea behind this project is to offer a comprehensive guide to all the characters and locations appearing in the books, especially exposing all recurring characters and themes. Anyone who wants to help with the project is more than welcome!

The Idea[]

In his books, David Mitchell creates a world of his own, which - though closely related to our universe - features many fictional events, often even transgressing physical rules. However, this universe is completely consistent in itself, and many occurrences are referred to in different novels. Moreover, many characters appear in more than one book, making it very interesting to track down these recurring characters and try to relate the different stages of their life.

The point of this wiki is to assemble a comprehensive compilation of facts about characters, locations etc. from the books. Because all the books are consistent with each other, this should lead to a more or less full biography of each character. The idea is to have almost regular Wikipedia pages - though not about our own universe.

There is one related project already in existence, which tries to achieve a similar task with the third full-size novel of Mitchell, Cloud Atlas. However, it is restricted to this single work and also covers the film adaptation of the same title. As Mitchell himself agrees, it is impossible to adapt a novel for the screen without some creative liberties. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the film adaptation is consistent with the universe created in the books. To cut a long story short: This wiki should NOT include facts presented in the Cloud Atlas film (and possible future film adaptations of Mitchell's work).

Latest activity[]

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